Flying Cow Ink. was born in November of 2006 from two young Canadian students. Paul Benoit and Christopher MacLeod both desired at the time to start up their own video game development companies. The two saw fit to work together, and thus began their grand adventure. Over the years, Flying Cow Ink. came to represent much more than a career. It became an artistic outlet and a tool for making a positive impact on the world. Finally, here at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, they are able to cut their teeth in the world of game development. With the groundwork laid in high school, Flying Cow Ink. was able to rapidly grow from a dream shared by two friends into a team of twelve.

Within a month of beginning the semester, our team was gathered and work began on our very first game - a puzzle platformer about time travel. This yet to be named game is set to be an interesting addition to any gamer's library. Release is expected for the summer of 2013.

Flying Cow Ink. is doing its very best to get off the ground, but we would be nothing without the support of fellow gamers like you. Have a look around and help us keep that dream alive!

Paul Benoit